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Date: 16:35 10.01.2022

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On the forum it is allowed to:

• Create a new topic in any forum in accordance with these rules.

• Request that other forum participants adhere to these rules.

• Challenge the actions of the Portal Guardians (moderators) with which the user disagrees through a specialized forum thread.

On the forum it is prohibited to:
• Create duplicate topics or post multiple identical responses in a topic.

• Create meaningless topics (including those consisting of symbols, emojis, and the like), both in the body of the message and in the title.

• Excessively use formatting functions in the text (font, underline, etc.).

• Use sports jargon or slogans.

• Quote messages containing profanity and/or insults.

• Engage in flame wars (openly resolving conflicts).

• Intentionally clutter a topic.

• Beg for items or services.

• Go off-topic and discuss subjects in sections not intended for that purpose.

• Communicate in a language other than Russian and not understandable to the majority of forum readers.

• Post messages on behalf of players who have been muted in the forum.

• "Bump" old outdated topics that have not had comments in over a month.

• Insult other players.

• Engage in sexual harassment (i.e. send messages with calls for engaging in sexual relationships).

• Repost messages from players who have been previously punished in the forum.

• Use offensive language.

• Veiled profanity.

• Threaten real-life harm or threaten to hack characters, email accounts, ICQ, etc.

• Provoke users to violate the game's legislation.

• Attempt fraud or defamation.

• Promote the use or distribution of narcotics, alcohol products, or psychotropic substances.

• Incite interethnic strife.

• Exhibit fascism, racism, as well as any other forms of demeaning human dignity based on religious, gender, and other characteristics.

• Encourage violence or terrorism.

• Post links to external Internet resources.

• Advertise external projects.

• Share malicious links that pose a danger to the character, email accounts, ICQ, or other communicators, as well as users' computers.

• Discuss, propose, or inquire about the sale (exchange) of game resources (money, services, property, characters) for real and/or in-game currency outside of official game dealers.

These rules apply to the entire forum and are mandatory for both participants and forum administration. If a section has specific rules, they complement these forum rules. The forum administration reserves the right to unilaterally change the rules without prior notice. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from responsibility for their violation. The final interpretation of the rules regarding a specific message remains up to the administration.

For these and other violations of the forum rules, the player/user may be immediately denied services related to the provision of game services, without any prior notice. These services may also be fully or partially restricted.

In all other cases not covered by the aforementioned rules, the administration has the right to act at its discretion.