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Date: 16:43 10.01.2022

Group: Super Administrator
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Prohibited in the chat:

1. Use of offensive language and hidden profanity.

2. Creating conflict situations. Provocation. Insulting other players.

3. Expressing statements (conversations) that contradict universally recognized moral norms, capable of offending any of the players (racism and fascism, other manifestations of discrimination, politics, pornography, remarks about nationality, attempts to incite interethnic strife, and similar topics).

4. Threats of real-life violence in the chat.

5. Expressing statements (conversations) that contain signs of promoting tobacco smoking, drugs, powerful psychotropic drugs, etc., as well as promoting a lifestyle associated with smoking, drug addiction, and substance abuse. Expressing statements (conversations) that promote behavior or a lifestyle contrary to generally accepted moral and ethical norms are prohibited.

6. Distribution of external links in the chat that do not belong to the flyingland.ru domains, active discussion of unrelated projects, as well as their advertisement.

7. Expressing statements (conversations) containing intrusive and unsolicited advertising and correspondence, spam, "scam letters," invitations to participate in financial pyramids, lotteries, contests, auctions, forcing products or services by other means.

8. Abusing capital letters (caps, uppercase letters). Abusing capital letters does not include writing individual words in capital letters to emphasize a particular thought or word.

9. Cluttering the chat in any form, namely sending messages in the chat that are not related in meaning, repeatedly repeating identical characters (no more than 5).

10. "Flooding," as well as repeating identical phrases without observing the following intervals: 10 minutes between messages about clan recruitment, 3 minutes between any other messages, including emojis.