1. By participating in the Game or being on the Game website, you must respect the right of others to the Game and stay in the Game world in accordance with the intentions of the Administration.

2. It is forbidden to transfer personal information about players through the Game website, Game client, server software or similar methods.

3. It is forbidden to use and distribute sexually explicit statements and vocabulary, as well as harmful, containing threats, obscene statements and insults, harassment, slander, leading to incitement of hatred and racial and ethnic hatred, including (but not limited to) insults based on ethnic and religious grounds . The rule applies to user messages, descriptions, photos in the gallery, in-game marks, including offensive, infringing copyrights (including nicknames of Administration employees and game characters) and inappropriate clan names, satellite names, descriptions and inscriptions, pictures.

4. In-Game Names/Names Policy.
These rules apply to the following names/appellations:
- names of characters and dragons;
- name of other game personalities and attributes;
- clan names.
In names and titles it is forbidden to use:
- obscene, offensive, rude language;
- vocabulary that has a direct or hidden sexual connotation;
- names and/or definitions that incite ethnic and any other social discord;
- text objectively or indirectly representing links to third-party resources on the Internet, references to brands and trademarks;
- definitions and / or proper names used in religions, as well as the names of historical figures, the use of which, directly or indirectly, may offend a certain circle of people;
- definitions, abbreviations and abbreviations, official or slang, having signs of propaganda of narcotic substances;
- names of cities, countries and other geographical names;
- definitions, abbreviations, abbreviations and expressions referring to any kind of diseases and mental disorders;
- definitions, abbreviations, abbreviations and expressions referring to any kind of moral or physical harm to people, in particular to minors and representatives of socially unprotected categories of the population.
- definitions, abbreviations, abbreviations and expressions that offend the feelings of believers, have unaesthetic content or go against established moral standards.

5. In the Game and when using the services related to the Game, it is prohibited to engage in or encourage behavior that disrupts the normal flow of the Game, disturbs or upsets other players, reduces the quality of service or the performance of other players' client software (for example, intentionally using game bugs with the intent to interrupt the game or receive desired item).

6. It is forbidden to distribute spam messages or pollute the Game chat or the Game website pages with a lot of messages.

7. It is forbidden to impersonate an employee of the Game support service or any other employee of the Administration, former or current.

8. It is forbidden to violate local laws and regulations, applicable laws, national and international laws and regulated rules of conduct.

9. It is prohibited to sell, promote, advertise or solicit products or services through the Game or the Game website.

10. It is forbidden to modify the game client, server or any part of the Game website.

11. It is forbidden to advertise the intent to commit or encourage others to commit the act of illegal sale, purchase, transfer or sharing of any Game account.

12. It is prohibited to advertise the intent to commit or encourage others to commit the act of illegal sale or purchase of Game items for cash or similar means of payment.

13. When participating in the Game through the official website or while in the Game world, you must always follow the instructions and instructions of authoritative personnel.

14. It is forbidden to take part in groups or in the formation of groups whose ideology implies intolerance on religious, national, gender grounds (or has similarities with the ideology of a similar orientation), refers to a nationalist, racist or sexist philosophy.

15. It is forbidden to intentionally hide or falsify personal data necessary to create accounts in the Game or on the Game website.

16. It is forbidden to upload or transmit materials, thereby violating the copyright / related rights of third parties, using any component of the Game or related services without the prior consent of the owner.

17. It is forbidden to attempt to interrupt, hack or decrypt any transmission of data to the Game, from the Game or with the participation of related services.

18. It is forbidden to distribute or publicly promote any Game bug, bug or violation that inadvertently provides unannounced benefits in the Game world.

19. It is forbidden to create, publish, use or distribute any utilities, emulators and other independent software products and tools without the written consent of the Administration, including (but not limited to) the following: macros, bot creation programs, server emulators, client crackers, card crackers and utilities for collection of information.

20. It is forbidden to harass other players or employees of the Administration, including in such ways (but not limited to) as threats, harassment or insults against other persons.

21. It is forbidden to publish links or site addresses in the Game if, from the point of view of the Administration, their content is inappropriate, including (but not limited to) any links to other commercial products and services. You may not post links or site addresses that contain material (including software and other information) that could damage (or are designed to harm) other players' computers or allow others to access inappropriate software or sites.

22. It is forbidden to use the Game and/or related services for illegal activities. The Administration is not responsible for everything that you say (orally or in writing) while in the game, in the chat rooms of the Game or on the forums, as well as for any consequences of your illegal statements. If you break the law, only you are responsible for the consequences.

23. Although the Game is a role-playing game, you may not invoke "role fit" in defense of any violation of these Rules.

24. It is forbidden to conduct research, competitions, create financial pyramids, arrange mass mailings, send spam messages, duplicate messages (commercial or otherwise).

25. Defamation, insults, harassment, harassment, threats, and other violations of the legal rights (such as the rights of privacy and freedom of speech) of others are prohibited.

26. It is forbidden to publish or upload files that contain viruses, trojans, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files or data, and other similar software that can damage the Game or disrupt other people's computers.

27. It is forbidden to advertise, as well as announce the sale or purchase of any items or services for any purpose without the prior approval of the Administration, unless it is allowed in the Game by a corresponding message.

28. You may not falsify, remove or disable any copyright information, including without limitation credits to the author, legal notices of copyright and other similar notices or instructions, or any indication of the origin or source of software or other content.

29. It is forbidden to prohibit or interfere with another user's use of the Game or related services. In particular, it is forbidden: disrupting the conversation in chat rooms with vulgar language, insults, constantly using the Enter key, posting large images that cause the screen to scroll too fast, making it difficult to read, using SHOUT (all caps) in an attempt to disturb other users, spam and scrolling (permanent placement of repeating text).

30. It is prohibited to mine (automated or otherwise) or otherwise collect personal information and data of other users, including e-mail addresses, or use this data to send spam messages.

31. It is forbidden to use, download or otherwise copy or provide (for a fee or free of charge) any person or legal entity with any information about users of the Game and related services, in whole or in part.

32. It is forbidden to attempt to obtain a password and other account information, or other private information from a participant or any other user of the Game and / or related services. It is also forbidden to transfer E-mail and password from your character to other persons.

33. It is forbidden to inappropriately use in-game support or report buttons.

34. It is forbidden to make false reports to the Game administrators, to mislead and deceive the players, as well as the Administration staff.

35. It is forbidden to use the Game and / or related services except for the purpose of personal communication as an individual user (i.e. not a legal entity or other organization).

36. It is forbidden to use the Game and / or related services for fraudulent activities, including (but not limited to) fraudulent in-game financial transactions.

37. It is forbidden to demand material compensation by one user/group of users from another for NOT attacks in the Game.

38. Other rules not specified here are announced in the Service Rules. Read More

Administration reserves the ultimate right to decide what is considered a violation of these Rules of Conduct. Administration reserves the right to change the Rules of Conduct at any time.

If you understand the terms Terms of Service and these Rules of Conduct and accept them, please confirm your agreement with this License Agreement by accepting the proposed terms.